Sälen can actually proud of northern Europe's largest alpine ski area. It is a real dream destination for anyone who loves downhill skiing in beautiful and wonderfully groomed pistes. Just south of Sälen lies the small village of Berga, which has become world famous as the start of the Vasaloppet always happens right here. Otherwise, Sälen is a rather small mountain village with its 625 inhabited residents. However, this is a figure multiplied by itself every winter season when the really big tourist streams arrive there. The mountain ranges and slopes are many in the area. Hundfjället, Lindvallen, Högfjället, Stöten, Näsfjället, Tandådalen and Kläppen are all high quality and well-known facilities for alpine skiing. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sälenfjällen.

Sälen is located in the western part of Dalarna, just 400 kilometers from Stockholm, just over 460 kilometers from Gothenburg and 750 kilometers from Malmö. The roads in the area are of a very high standard, largely due to the fact that during the winter season ski tourists gather in tens of thousands here. What many may not think so often is that northern Europe's absolute largest area for alpine skiing is found in the small mountain village of Sälen, with its slightly more than 600 inhabited inhabitants. Here you can choose between 116 different slopes, all of different difficulty levels. The great thing about Sälen is that you do not have to be full-skiered skiers to enjoy slopes and slopes. The thing is that even if you have never been on a pair of skis or a snowboard, you can easily learn the precious art of the Alpine skiing during your days in Sälen. Here there are slopes that are extra 'nice' and thus perfect for beginners to try. Of course, there are also slopes that are both steeper and more difficult here. 'Black' slopes that offer the experienced skier real challenges to bite in.

As for the question of housing, we can tell you that the supply in Sälen is very large and varied. There are accommodations for all tastes, one could say. In Sälen you will find everything from genuine mountain huts and apartments to the truly luxurious hotels. Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, we can promise you that you will find exactly what you want in Sälen.

What can you do in Sälen? Yes, in addition to alpine skiing in absolute world class in perfectly piste runs and of course cross-country skiing, Sälen offers a whole host of activities that you can take care of. Dog sledge is such an example. There is also a wonderful adventure bath and indoor sauna, a variety of restaurants, pubs, spas, cinema and for those who want to shop and prepare their own food there are of course a number of grocery stores to choose from. After skiing and dance as well as other types of entertainment there are of course also here.

One could easily say that all that you are used to from home is in place in Sälen. Of course, Sälen is suitable for families with lots of buses.