Sälngodset is undoubtedly Sälen's coolest cabin. It is a big and least cool and luxury cabin in Sälen with fantastic views of the surrounding mountain landscape that is perfect for families, larger companies and companies.

Soak up a week in the mountains with skiing and recreation? Is your company planning a conference in a mountain environment in a facility that offers that little extra? Then Sälengodset is something for you. Whether you are a family, a larger group, a happy companion who wants to go to the mountains or a company, Sälengodset - Sälen';s coolest cabin - can be just the accommodation you are looking for. Sälengodset is exactly what it sounds like, a nice cabin in Sälen that contains everything you could wish for when it comes to an accommodation during your stay in Sälen.

Sälngodset is simply expressed as a large mountain cabin that is built in three planes with an wing that has plenty of space for a company of up to 24 people. The view of the surrounding mountain scenery is breathtakingly magnificent and the proximity to both slalom slopes, cross country trails and service makes the location perfect.

Sälengodset is the house that offers luxurious comfort for the big company. In short, it is a big and cool cabin in Sälen, which is a combination of a hotel and an ordinary mountain cabin. It is simply about Sälen's coolest cabin, offering your company a nice recreation for today's adventure in the ski slopes and the pisted slopes. Of course you can book your next conference in Sälen as well. The premises are specially adapted for this and are of course equipped with the very latest audio and media technology. The house's relaxation area, which includes a shower, sauna and jacuzzi, offers you extra luxury beyond the usual.

Sälen's most beautiful cottage is suitable for all parties. Welcome to book a mountain lodge in Sälengodset, a nice cottage in Sälen.