If you are going to try to describe Sälengodset for someone who has never been there before, you could say that there is a big conference cabin in Sälen, which is a combination of hotel residents and the more traditional mountain cabin. It is a house that has the intimate charm of the cottage while having the hotel's capacity and luxury. Sälengodset is the all-natural choice for a conference in a fantastic mountain environment. Book your next conference at Sälengodset and let's be taught by nature and what this wonderful environment can do for your team.

Sälengodset är ett stort hus, beläget i Sälfjällstangen mellan Lindvallen och Högfjällshotellet i hjärtat av de vackra Sälenfjällen. Huset är som klippt och skuret för familjer och olika företag att hyra. Med sin generöst tilltagna storlek kan Sälengodset utan minsta problem härbärgera flera familjer eller företagsgrupper samtidigt. Om ni är ett större sällskap som har tänkt bege er till fjälls för att ägna er åt skidåkning eller andra aktiviteter kan det vara en god idé att ni tar er en närmare titt på Sälengodset som bas för era äventyr i fjällen. Med sin hänförande utsikt över det magnifika fjällandskapet är Sälengodset en underbar oas av vila och rekreation. Varför inte boka er nästa konferens i Sälengodset?

If you want to summarize what Sälengodset is about with a single small sentence, it would look like this: Sälngodset is your relaxation and conference house in the heart of Sälenfjällen. If you are looking for a suitable house that can offer that little extra for a holiday or conference in a fantastic mountain environment, you can stop searching now. It is the salvation you are looking for. Sälengodset is something as amazing as an alternative to everything that is called hotel accommodation and the usually otherwise nicely cramped mountain cabin. Here you can enjoy a healthy living in both spacious spaces and all possible luxuries. A better house for families, large groups or conferences can be looked for. With its proximity to famous mountain ranges like Lindvallen and Högfjällshotellet, there are all possibilities for Sälengodset guests to also enjoy the vibrant entertainment life of these facilities.

Sälengodset is perfectly adapted to accommodate large groups of guests. There are, for example, 21 beds, 3 of which are 3 sofa beds. Here, in other words, everything from the big family to the company's conference participants can hold houses. The mix of whey and all imaginable luxury is very noticeable and at the same time very appealing.

The house consists of a large living room with fireplace and a modern sound and media facility. The relaxation area is also very well-stocked with both the shower and the sauna. In other words, there is every opportunity to relax after the adventure of the day in the slopes before the evening and night's end is attracting attention. The sale is waiting for you.

2 1/2 plan split-level on Snittvägen 7. Good parking facilities with power outlets. Wing building 25 sqm + 25 sqm.


  • 9 bedrooms (8 in the main building, 1 in wing building)
  • 8 regular beds
  • 2 bunk beds 120x200 downstairs, 90x200 upstairs
  • 2 bunk beds 110x200 downstairs, 80x200 upstairs
  • 1 bunk bed 90x200 downstairs, 80x200 upstairs
  • 3 sofa beds, of which 1 in wing building. 2 beds / sofa.

Total: 21 beds

TV, Broadband & audio system

  • 1 st 40” TV med surround ljud på mellanplan SONOS ljudsystem (mellanplan, relax och annexet)
  • 1 st 40” TV med surround ljud på sutteräng plan
  • 1 st 32” TV på loftplan
  • 1 st 32” TV i master sov sutteräng plan
  • 1 st 32” TV i master sov mellanplan
  • 1 st 40” TV i grupparbetsrummet
  • 1 st 32” Tvi anexet
  • Telia Internet 6-8 Mbit WIFI

Matsal och vardagsrum

  • 1 x 40 "TV with surround sound on the middle plane SONOS audio system (intermediate plane, relax and the wing building)
  • 1 pc 40 "TV with surround sound on sutter bed plan
  • 1 pc 32 "TV in the loft
  • 1 pc 32 "TV in the master sleeps split-level plan
  • 1 pc 32 "TV in the master slept between planes
  • 1 pc 40 "TV in the group workroom
  • 1 st 32 "Tvi Wing building
  • Telia Internet 6-8 Mbit WIFI
  • Two kitchens
  • Fully equipped with: 5 plate induction hob, microwave oven, steam / oven, dishwasher, freezer (side by side) with ice maker. Granite Countertops. Glassware, crockery, cutlery.
  • Coffee Maker, Kettle, Toaster, Waffle Iron, Blender, electric mixer and Wine Bowl on the split level.

Dining room and living room

  • Dining room with 12 seats on the mezzanine floor and 12 seats on the sutter floor.
  • Sitting groups on the middle and suture level with sofas, armchairs and coffee tables.
  • Lounge area on the loft with sofa and armchairs.
  • Bathroom
  • Shower / WC: 7 toa - 8 shower.
  • Split-level: 1 pc. loo. 1 pc. sauna, shower and separate toilets.
  • Intermediate plane: 1 pc. small toilets / shower. 1 pc. larger toilet / shower.
  • Loft: 1 small small shower / shower.


  • 1 st on the split level.
  • 1 st in the middle level.
  • Both with gas log operated by timer. Propane tank is placed outside the house for security reasons.

Båda med gasolbrasa som sköts via timer. Gastub på utsidan huset.

Balcony / Patio

  • 2 balconies with 7 chairs / balcony.
  • 1 pc. patio with 7 chairs.
  • 1 jacuzzi / spa for 8 people.
  • Large ski storage room with ski boot, 2 pcs. drying cabinet.

Stort skidförråd med pjäx/skovärmare, 2 st. torkskåp.

Wing building

  • Upstairs a total of 2 beds. Shower and toilet.
  • Split-level: Jacuzzi / spa, separate toilet, 2 showers, washing machine, tumble dryer and drying cabinet.