Exckusive Vacation Rental in Sälen

Is it luxury to have that little extra that you and your company are looking for in the coming trip to the Swedish mountains? Then we think we have exactly what you're looking for. Sälngodset is a luxury house big cabin / cottage) located in Sälenfjällen, near Lindvallen and Högfjällshotellet. Here you can enjoy all possible luxury after the day's activities on slopes and pistes. Sälngodset is a house for companies that can conveniently place their next conference here. We are talking about a luxury house to rent which, of course, also suits the big family or the big and happy friends who decided to go to the mountains.

Sälngodset is a luxury lodge located in the heart of the Sälen mountains. It is - if you would like to express yourself - a cabin that contains extra everything. An important detail with this house is that it has been built as a level terraced house. Practically, it means that the lower floor can be shut down and thus separated from the rest of the house. This is very good if you want to use that part of the house as a separate and independent apartment.

There are very many different examples of the luxury that Sälengodset invites its guests to. A lovely relaxation area with shower and sauna is just such an example. A large immersed drawer with floor heating attached to it and durum metal over helps to get wet shoes dry quickly.

High comfort, intimacy and service are the three words in which the whole vision Sälengodset is based. It is a luxury house to rent for all the larger companies who are looking for a mountain experience with that little extra that you may not find anywhere else.

The very heart of this luxurious house is of course the living room which, besides generous ceilings and breathtaking views through the room's panoramic windows towards the surrounding mountainous world, also offers a fantastic gas burning stove. Sälengodset is a exclusive cabin / cottage / house that offers cozy atmosphere combined with the latest information technology. It is a house for conferences and big parties.