Booking Terms Sälengodset

Sälengodset, Snittvägen 7, and Fjällgodset Brinkvägen 9

Rental Options:

  1. Sunday to Sunday
  2. Sunday to Thursday
  3. Thursday to Sunday

Note: Weeks 14 and 15 have varying arrival/departure dates.

Check-in: 3:30 PM, Check-out: 10:30 AM. Minimum age requirement: 27 years, except for children/youths accompanied by a guardian. In the group, at least 2 persons must be at least 27 years old.

The houses are alarmed, and access is through a code. The code will be provided the day before arrival, preferably via SMS. Please inform us at the email address where you want the code to be sent.

The registration fee is 20% of the total cost and should be paid within 5 days of booking the cottage. An invoice for the registration fee will be sent immediately upon booking via email or regular mail. The remaining balance (separate invoice) must be paid at least 60 days before occupancy. If the guest fails to pay on time, it will be considered a cancellation, and the registration fee will be retained by the landlord.

The booking is only guaranteed once the registration fee (20%) is paid. The remaining amount (80%) should be paid as described above.

In case of a cancellation, an email should be sent to If the cancellation occurs 60 days or more before arrival, the entire registration fee will be refunded except for a 6000 SEK administrative fee per house. For cancellations within 60 days of the arrival date, the registration fee will not be refunded, and it will be retained by the landlord. If the guest has paid the full fee, it will also be forfeited. If the guest hasn't paid the sent invoices for a cancellation within 60 days, it will also be forfeited and must be paid by the guest.

We recommend that the guest review their insurance before making a booking.

During the booking, complete contact information, number of people, email address, and phone number should be provided. The agreed-upon price includes bed linen, a small and medium-sized towel per person.

White waffled bathrobes with the "Sälengodset" logo can be added at a cost of 150 SEK each if desired. If the guest doesn't return the robe upon departure, an extra charge of 150 SEK each will be applied.

The houses are connected via Bahnhof and high-speed fiber.

Final cleaning and water change in both Jacuzzis are included in the prices. On the south side of the main building, Snittvägen 7, there's an outdoor Jacuzzi for 8 persons "Villeroy & Bosch," maintained at 39 degrees Celsius year-round. On Brinkvägen, there's a Jacuzzi Whierpool. Instructions for the pools are provided inside the houses. Note: Guests are responsible for not using glass near the pool. No children under 15 years are allowed in the pool without adult supervision. The water (lightly chlorinated) will be changed for each guest. Remember to lock the pool cover each time, especially in cold winters and when children play outside. The landlord disclaims all responsibility for damages and accidents.

The Jacuzzi in the Spa section accommodates 4-6 persons. If the pools are covered with snow, only a broom should be used to remove the snow. Snow shovels can damage the pool cover, and the guest might be charged later.

It's important that guests leave Sälengodset/Fjällgodset in good condition for the cleaning company to prepare for the next guest's arrival.

(Sälengodset is approximately 365 sqm on 3 levels, 2 kitchens, 7 toilets, 8 showers.)

The house has a total of 18 beds + 3 sofa beds including the annex (21 people). This is the maximum number of people allowed in the house. Upper and main levels have 12 beds, lower level has 6 beds + 2 sofa beds (2 people/sofa bed). The annex has 1 sofa bed.

(Fjällgodset is approximately 365 sqm on 2 levels, 8 toilets, 9 showers.)

Main level: 2 double rooms, lower level: 1 double room, 5 rooms with bunk beds, double room in the annex.

The houses have a charging system for electric/hybrid cars with a Type 2 connector. The start tag for the electrical system is in a locked box inside the house. The box with the code is provided along with other codes. The cost for car charging is 100 SEK per chargeable booking day per car. This will be communicated and invoiced upon booking.

Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the entire house, and cigarette butts should not be discarded outside for everyone's comfort.

Guests are not allowed to park caravans near the house.

Due to allergies, pets are not allowed. If this happens against our policy, extra cleaning and sanitization will be done at a cost of 6000 SEK plus VAT.

If guests wish to grill, it should only be done in front of the house. A Weber charcoal grill is available in the ski storage. Remember to empty the grill before returning it upon departure.

Guests may be liable for abnormal usage and wear.

We expect that the rules posted in the house are followed so that the next guest, which might be you, has a satisfactory stay.

Maintenance instructions and emergency contact numbers are provided in the house.

All prices include VAT. We wish you a pleasant stay at Sälengodset and in the mountains!

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