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A large cabin in Sälen is perfect for those seeking a relaxing and luxurious mountain holiday. With many options and high standards, you can be sure to find the perfect accommodation for your winter vacation. Here, we will go through why choosing a large cabin in Sälen is an excellent choice, what you can expect from your accommodation, and our best tips for booking your dream cabin. Keep reading!


What to expect from a large cabin in Sälen?

When choosing to rent a large cabin in Sälen, you can expect spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. Most cabins have multiple bedrooms with comfortable beds and enough space for all guests to relax after a day out on the mountain. The bathrooms are also generous in size and usually equipped with modern amenities such as underfloor heating and towel warmers.

In addition to the spacious bedroom and bathroom facilities, a large cabin in Sälen also offers a large kitchen and dining area, making it easy to prepare meals together with family or friends. The kitchens are often fully equipped with modern appliances, including dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators. The dining area provides plenty of space for all guests to enjoy their meals together at a communal table that accommodates both small and large groups of people seeking a luxurious winter vacation experience in the mountains.

Spacious bedrooms and bathrooms 

Our spacious bedrooms are equipped with king-size beds that guarantee a good night's sleep. Each room also has its own bathroom with luxurious amenities, providing our guests with ultimate comfort during their stay. Additionally, there is plenty of space for relaxation and storage in each room, allowing you to feel completely at home and enjoy the tranquil mountain environment without stress or crowding.

We offer an exclusive experience where everything is planned down to the smallest detail. Our large cabin in Sälen provides you with the opportunity to relax and recharge in the best possible way. With king-size beds in all bedrooms and private bathrooms with luxurious furnishings, your winter vacation will become something extraordinary. You will have plenty of space for both relaxation and activities, as well as numerous smart solutions that make your holiday even more comfortable and memorable.

Large kitchen and dining area

A fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances makes cooking a pleasure in this large cabin in Sälen. The dining area accommodates up to twelve people, providing ample space for socializing and enjoying shared meals. First-class tableware and cutlery contribute to an exclusive atmosphere that is perfect for those seeking a luxurious winter vacation.

  • Modern appliances
  • Accommodates up to twelve people
  • First-class tableware and cutlery

Living room and entertainment 

When staying in our large cabin in Sälen, you can enjoy comfortable seating in front of a fireplace or the TV. It's the perfect place to relax after a day on the ski slopes. But if you're looking for more entertainment, we also offer a game room with a pool table, table tennis, and other games for the whole family to enjoy. For those who prefer reading, there is also a library with a selection of books in multiple languages.

Regardless of your interests, our accommodation in Sälen is guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate winter vacation experience. From comfortable sofas to fun activities, all of this is available in our large cabin designed specifically for your comfort and enjoyment.

Private sauna and Jacuzzi

Our large cabin in Sälen offers luxurious facilities for a relaxing mountain holiday. Treat yourself to a private sauna that accommodates up to eight people or unwind in our Jacuzzi, both indoors and outdoors, connected to the cabin. To make your stay even more exclusive, you can order customized spa packages upon request.

  • Sauna that accommodates up to eight people
  • Indoor or outdoor Jacuzzi connected to the cabin
  • Customized spa packages upon request


Perfect accommodation for larger groups, that's what Sälengodset offers. This large cabin in Sälen can accommodate up to 21 people and has a spacious open floor plan that is ideal for socializing and shared activities. Its proximity to the ski slopes and other activities makes it an optimal choice for those seeking a luxurious winter vacation in the mountains. Whether you want to go skiing or simply enjoy nature, everything is conveniently located near this exclusive cabin.

With its exclusive interior design and modern facilities, Sälengodset seems to be made to impress its guests. Everything is carefully selected with attention to detail, giving the rooms a unique character while providing all the modern comforts.

Welcome to Sälen, where the mountains meet luxurious winter vacations, and where large cabins in Sälen are ready to give you an unforgettable experience. If you're looking for a large cabin to rent in Sälen for a group of up to 21 people, Sälengodset is the ultimate destination for you.

Sälen's large cabins have long been popular among people looking for a relaxing mountain vacation with their friends and family. Sälengodset is an exclusive cabin that offers the amenities of a luxury hotel combined with the benefits of a private residence. Here, you'll find everything you need to enjoy a relaxing winter vacation - from panoramic views to a relaxation area and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Enjoy modern appliances and first-class tableware and cutlery in our spacious living room, where comfortable seating and a fireplace await you after a day on the ski slopes. But if you prefer more entertainment, you can also visit...

Tips for booking a large cabin in Sälen:

When planning to book a large cabin in Sälen, it's important to consider the details in advance. Determine how many people will be staying in the cabin and what amenities you need. This will help you find the perfect cabin that suits your needs and preferences.

Compare prices and amenities offered by different rental companies for large cabins in Sälen to get the best possible deals. Also, consider the convenience of the location when choosing your large cabin in Sälen. It's usually more practical if it's close to the ski slopes or other activities the mountains have to offer during the winter vacation.

Book your large cabin as early as possible because the most popular properties tend to sell out quickly during peak season. With careful planning, price comparisons, and early booking, you can guarantee a fantastic experience with your family or friends in your chosen large cabin at affordable prices.

Plan in advance

When planning your luxury winter vacation in a large cabin in Sälen, it's important to consider a few things in advance. Determine the dates and number of people from the start so that you can choose the right size of the cabin. This will also help you with budget planning, which leads to the next point - set a budget and choose the cabin size accordingly.

Researching different areas in Sälen is also crucial to find the perfect location that suits your needs. Take into account the proximity to ski slopes and other activities you want to do during your mountain vacation. By planning in advance, you will be able to fully enjoy your luxury stay and avoid unpleasant surprises along the way.

Compare prices and amenities: Check different booking sites to find the best prices. Different sites may have different agreements with cabin owners, which affects the price. Make sure to compare several options and choose the one that best fits your budget.

Find out what amenities are included, such as a sauna or fireplace. It can be nice to relax in a sauna after a day on the slopes or cozy up in front of a fire in the evenings. Be sure to read through the description and see what's included so you won't be surprised when you arrive.

Compare the locations of different cabins, such as proximity to slopes or cross-country trails. If you want to go downhill skiing, it's obviously good if the cabin is close to the slopes, but if you prefer cross-country skiing, you may want it closer to a cross-country trail instead. Also, consider if there are shops or restaurants nearby in case you need to buy groceries or want to dine out one evening.

Book in advance

Pay attention to when the booking opens so you don't miss out on the best cabin. Plan well in advance and keep in mind that holiday times can book up quickly, so it's advisable to book several months before the trip to ensure availability. If you're unsure or need assistance with the booking, ask for help from a travel agency or other expert.

Some tips for booking in advance:

  • Start planning at least six months before departure
  • Make a list of your priorities regarding size, amenities, and location
  • Sign up for newsletters from different cabin rental companies to be among the first to receive information about available dates and offers
  • Follow the cabin rental company's social media for the latest news

Booking in advance can make all the difference between a fantastic winter vacation and a stressed search for accommodation options. So make sure to plan carefully, look out for available dates, and use all the resources available!

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