Welcome to Gamla Sälfjällstangen: The Jewel of Sälen

Nestled high in Gamla Sälfjällstangen, the heart of Sälen, Sälengodset offers two exclusive cottages, Sälengodset and Fjällgodset, boasting one of the most breathtaking mountain views in the region. This historic location is celebrated for its elevated position, providing sweeping panoramas that make it a prime destination for visitors.

A Premier Spot for Scenic Splendor

A Premier Spot for Scenic Splendor

Perched atop one of Sälen's highest points, Gamla Sälfjällstangen offers visitors a spectacular vantage point to observe the majestic landscape. Witness the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset over the pristine, snow-covered mountains—an unforgettable spectacle that will linger in your memories.

A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

For nature lovers, Gamla Sälfjällstangen is a paradise of outdoor possibilities. The area's diverse flora and fauna, combined with accessible trails, appeal to hikers and photographers alike. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking tranquility or thrilling adventures in the great outdoors, regardless of the season.

Rich in History

Beyond its natural allure, Gamla Sälfjällstangen is steeped in a rich historical tapestry. This area has played a significant role in Sälen’s cultural heritage, captivating visitors with its enduring stories and traditions.

Sunny Side Stays with Captivating Views

Indulge in the comfort of our accommodations situated on the sunny side, offering unobstructed and picturesque views of Högfjällshotellet and Gammelgården. Each stay promises a visual feast that is sure to become a cherished memory.

Ideal for Ski Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers

Our strategically placed cottage is just 1400 meters from the Sälenstugan/Lindvallen lift summit, with the majority accessible on foot, providing easy access to the mountain’s thrills. Cross-country ski lovers will find plenty of well-maintained trails leading to charming waffle cabins and rest spots throughout the area.

Discover Sälengodset – Luxurious Accommodation in the Heart of Sälen

Convenient Access to Ski Lifts and Winter Fun

Located merely 1.2 km from the connecting ski lift between Högfjället and Lindvallen, our cottages offer quick access to a broad array of skiing and winter activities, ensuring you are close to all the action.

Discover Luxurious Stays at Sälengodset

At Sälengodset, we provide luxurious accommodation that seamlessly blends comfort with convenience, situated in the epicenter of Sälen’s top activities. It's the perfect spot for those looking to rent a high-standard cottage with personalized service.

Tailored Accommodations for Any Group

Whether you're visiting with a small group or a large gathering, our cottages are designed to meet your needs, featuring modern amenities in a serene setting ideal for relaxation and socializing. Embrace the stunning natural environment and the myriad of activities Sälen offers while enjoying the comfort of our luxurious cottages.

Plan Your Visit

Consider your next trip to Gamla Sälfjällstangen, our sunny side cottage, or the prestigious Sälengodset to see why this is Sälen’s top location firsthand. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an active vacation, this destination caters to all who value nature, history, and a touch of luxury.

Enhance Your Stay with Exceptional Amenities and Services

At Sälengodset, every detail of your visit is thoughtfully curated to enhance your experience. Our prime location in Sälen ensures that you are perfectly positioned to explore all that the area has to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to thrilling ski slopes. Looking for a venue to host your next conference? Our facilities are equipped to provide a productive and picturesque setting for meetings and corporate events. After a day of activities or meetings, unwind at our relax and spa center, which offers a variety of treatments designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. For culinary enthusiasts, consider enhancing your stay by indulging in a unique dining experience with our cooking with your own chef service, where you can enjoy custom meals prepared to your taste. Whether you are planning a short visit or an extended stay, make sure to explore our options to rent a cottage in Sälen at Sälengodset, where luxury and convenience meet amidst the splendor of nature.

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