Welcome to Sälen, a world of endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences. Here you can rent everything you need to make your vacation both luxurious and adventurous. From comfortable cottages to exciting activities in the snowscape, Sälen offers something for everyone.


Rent Your Accommodation in Sälen at Sälengodset 

Sälen is known for its breathtakingly beautiful cottages, and among the most sought-after accommodations are Sälengodset and Fjällgodset, which can be rented from Sälengodset. These cottages offer not just a luxurious stay with all the amenities you could wish for but also a perfect starting point for your adventures in the snow. Book your cottage now – they are in high demand! 


Sälen is much more than just skiing. Discover a wide range of activities and services that you can rent to enrich your stay.

Rent Equipment and Instructors 

Skis and Snowboards: Everything from beginners to experienced skiers can rent top-of-the-line skis and snowboards at Dalskidan or directly through Skistar.
Ski and Cross-Country Instructors:
Want to improve your technique or perhaps try skiing for the first time? Rent a private ski or cross-country instructor and take your skills to the next level.
Snowshoes and Sleds:
Explore Sälen's winter landscape in a new way. Rent snowshoes for a walk in the snow or a sled for fun downhill for the younger ones.

Unique Experiences 

Dog Sledding and Snowmobiling: For a magical experience in the quiet winter nature, book a tour with dog sledding or snowmobiling. A perfect activity for the whole family.
Hire a Chef to the Cottage:
Want to add an extra touch of luxury to your stay? Rent a chef who prepares a delicious dinner in your cottage.


With such a variety of rental options, Sälen is the perfect destination for your next vacation. Whether you're looking for relaxation in a luxurious cottage or excitement in the snowscape, Sälen has it all. Remember that Sälengodset and Fjällgodset offer some of the most sought-after accommodations, so don't wait too long to book. There's high demand for dream cottages!

Renting in Sälen means access to a world of experiences. Whether you wish for a quiet evening in front of the fireplace, adrenaline-filled activities, or exploring beautiful winter landscapes, Sälen can offer this and much more. Keep in mind that everything from ski equipment to unique experiences like dog sledding adventures can quickly become fully booked during the high season. Plan your trip in time and secure your place for Sälen's best experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sälen and giving you a vacation you will never forget. With the simplicity and convenience of being able to rent exactly everything you need, your next vacation is sure to be both relaxing and full of adventure. Whether you're looking for the perfect slope, a cozy cottage evening, or exciting outdoor activities, Sälen has something for you.

Book your accommodation, your activities, and your equipment today and prepare for an unforgettable vacation in the wonderful world of Sälen. Welcome to a stay filled with enjoyment, adventure, and relaxation – we promise you will want to return year after year.


Ski Equipment Rental

  • Kaisers Skidbod Sälfjällstorget
  • Kläppen Ski Resort SkiStarshops (Experiumtorget, Gustavtorget, Hundfjället, Högfjället, SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället)
  • Dalskidan
  • Görans Sportshop
  • Vasacenter Sälen
  • Stadium Rental Sälen

Ski Instructor Rental

  • Skistar
  • Cross-Country Lesson in Sälen
  • Ski Instructor School in Sälen

Snowmobile Rental

  • Sälen's Scooter & Motor Activities
  • Sälen's Scooter
  • Sälen's Snowmobile Safari
  • Mountain Adventure
  • Leonarden

Snowshoe Rental

  • Explore Sälen

Don't wait to reserve accommodation, rent in Sälen today. 

Are you ready for an unforgettable vacation? Visit Sälengodset and Fjällgodset to book your cottage in Sälen now. Remember, the best experiences await you in Sälen, but it's important to be quick – book your stay in Sälen today!

Through this article, we have covered a comprehensive list of everything you can rent in Sälen for an unforgettable vacation experience. By integrating specific services, activities, and accommodations such as Sälengodset and Fjällgodset, we provide the reader with clear guidance for planning the perfect vacation trip. Thanks to a strong call to action, the reader is also encouraged to make bookings and preparations as soon as possible.

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