Winter in Sälen transforms the landscape into a white dream for cross-country skiers, with over 200 kilometers of trails attracting enthusiasts from both near and far. This diversity of trails, offering everything from easy tours in protected forest environments to challenging stretches in open mountain terrain, makes Sälen one of the most sought-after destinations for cross-country skiing in the Nordics. To make the most of your time on the skis, however, it's crucial to stay informed about the trails' status. Here we share key tips and resources to help you plan the perfect ski day.


For the latest information on trail conditions in Sälen, Skidspår.se is your best friend. This website provides real-time updates on which trails have recently been prepared, as well as which trails offer the best conditions for different types of skiing. Whether you prefer a peaceful tour through quiet forests or intense training on competition tracks, Skidspår.se makes it easy for you to choose the right trail based on current conditions.


  • Plan Ahead: Make it a habit to check the trail status the evening before or early in the morning before you head out. This ensures you can choose the best trails for the day based on fresh snow, trail preparation, and weather conditions. 
  • Choose the Right Trail: Use the information from Skidspår.se to select trails that match your skiing level and preferences. This not only enhances your enjoyment but also helps improve your skiing technique. 
  • Be Equipped: Adapt your equipment to the prevailing snow conditions. Proper waxing and gear tailored to the temperature and type of snow can make a big difference in your skiing experience.
  • Safety First: Following the guidelines of the trails and being aware of your surroundings are fundamental for a safe and enjoyable ski tour. Respect other skiers and the nature around you. 

Sälen is undoubtedly a destination where every cross-country skier can find their own winter adventure, regardless of ambition and skill level. By staying informed about the trails' status, you can tailor your ski tours to take advantage of the best conditions, enhancing your experience of Sälen's magnificent winter landscape.


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Beyond the countless ski trails and winter activities, Sälen also offers a range of other attractions, from local restaurants serving traditional Swedish dishes to cultural events and relaxing spa experiences. With Sälengodset as your base, all these experiences are within reach, and the staff is always ready to recommend or assist with bookings to ensure your stay is as enriching and worry-free as possible.

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Beyond the countless ski trails and winter activities, Sälen also offers a myriad of other attractions, from local eateries dishing up traditional Swedish cuisine to cultural happenings and soothing spa experiences. Opting for Sälengodset as your home base places all these enriching experiences within easy reach, and their staff stand ready to offer recommendations or assist with reservations, ensuring your stay unfolds seamlessly and is as enriching as possible.

Embarking on your ski vacation in Sälen with Sälengodset translates to a meticulously curated journey from start to finish. From the moment you arrive to the reluctant end of your stay in this winter wonderland, every aspect of your trip is thoughtfully considered. It's time to forge lasting memories amidst the breathtaking beauty of Sälen's mountain landscape. Whether you're a seasoned skier in pursuit of new challenges or someone yearning for the serene calm of the winter, Sälengodset invites you to uncover all that makes Sälen an extraordinary destination for your next adventure.

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