Sälen, a true gem in the Swedish mountain landscape, offers not only magnificent nature but also a rich variety of activities and events for all ages and interests. From exciting ski races to music festivals and unique ultra-trail runs, there's something for every adventurer in this beautiful area. Let's take a look at some of the season's most exciting events.

Easter Celebration with Tradition and Adventure (28 Mar - 31 Mar 2024) 

Easter in Sälen is a celebration filled with traditions and adventures. The Up the Wall by EQPE, a prestigious event, gathers spectators and participants for an exciting competition that becomes the highlight of Easter Eve.

SkiStar Winter Games Sälen (9 Apr - 13 Apr 2024) 

A gathering place for skiing enthusiasts where participants at various levels showcase their skills in downhill racing during exciting competitions.

Ski & Rock: Season Finale with Festival Atmosphere (11 Apr - 14 Apr 2024) 

Ski & Rock offers a perfect end to the ski season with a festival atmosphere that combines fantastic spring skiing with lively entertainment.

Walter Wallberg Camp 2024 (18 Apr - 19 Apr 2024) 

A camp for skiers of all levels where participants have the chance to improve their techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Uka Pain Ultra Trail (Älvdalen) (24 May - 26 May) 

Besides the traditional events in Sälen, there's a unique challenge for ultra-trail runners: Uka Pain Ultra Trail in Älvdalen. This tough and challenging race takes runners through the beautiful but demanding terrains around Älvdalen, where participants get to test their limits in a scenic environment. (Distances 12KM, 28KM, 50KM, 100KM, 100 Miles)

Fjällmaraton Sälen by EQPE (31 Aug 2024) 

This event is a dream for runners and nature lovers, with courses that stretch through Sälen's beautiful landscape.

Cykelvasan (10 Aug 2024) 

A challenging mountain bike race that takes participants from Sälen to Mora through beautiful landscapes.

Ultravasan (17 Aug 2024) 

An ultra-running adventure where participants tackle the classic stretch from Sälen to Mora, an experience that starts at dawn for a magical start.

We hope this blog post inspires you to discover all the unique offerings of Sälen. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, these are destinations for unforgettable experiences. Welcome to the mountains and the memorable events that await!


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