Accommodation Options During the Vasaloppet Week 

One of the practical aspects of the Vasaloppet is the issue of accommodation. During the Vasaloppet week, the demand for comfortable and accessible lodging near the race route is very high. Many participants and visitors choose to rent a cabin during the Vasaloppet week to ensure they have a relaxing base to start from. Sälengodset, located in the heart of the Swedish mountain world, offers an ideal solution with its luxurious and spacious cabins. Renting a large cabin during the Vasaloppet allows groups and families to stay together, combining participation in the race with a memorable mountain holiday. Whether it’s training before the race or recovery afterwards, Sälengodset is an excellent accommodation for the Vasaloppet, with cabins equipped with all modern conveniences to optimize your stay.

Rent a cabin in Sälen at Sälengodset

Vasaloppet Week – A Festival of Ski Races 

Vasaloppet Week, traditionally occurring in week 9, is much more than just the classic Vasaloppet. The week is a festival of ski races that attracts skiers of all levels. From Open Track, where amateurs can try out the Vasaloppet course, to Tjejvasan, a race specifically for female participants, the week offers something for everyone. Youth races and shorter distances ensure that younger skiers and less experienced participants can also enjoy this historic competitive atmosphere. The week culminates with the 90-kilometer Vasaloppet, which is the highlight and draws skiers from around the world.

Vasaloppet Week: 

Friday, February 21, Vasaloppet 30 

Saturday, February 22, Tjejvasan 

Sunday, February 23, Open Track Sunday, Youthvasan 

Monday, February 24, Open Track Monday 90, 30 

Tuesday, February 25, Vasaloppet 45 

Friday, February 28, Stafettvasan, Nattvasan 30, 45, 90 

Saturday, March 1, Vasaloppet 10 

Sunday, March 2, 101st Vasaloppet

Vasaloppet Year Round – Races for All Seasons 

Vasaloppet is unique not just for its winter activities but also because it offers competitions year-round. Besides the traditional ski race in the winter, Vasaloppet attracts participants to the Cykelvasan in the summer, a mountain bike race that follows the same historic route. In August, the Löparvasan is organized, a challenging trail run that also follows the picturesque paths from Sälen to Mora. Sälengodset is the perfect accommodation for participants in all these events, thanks to its location and facilities. With the option to rent a cabin in Sälen for each season, Sälengodset offers a fantastic base regardless of which Vasaloppet competition you participate in.





Book your accommodation in time – Vasaloppet weeks are booked early, contact us to rent a cabin in Sälen for your race.

What is Vasaloppet? 

Vasaloppet is not only Sweden's most iconic ski race but also a deeply rooted cultural phenomenon that annually attracts thousands of participants from all over the world. Spanning a distance of 90 kilometers between Sälen and Mora, the race represents an enormous physical and mental challenge as well as a celebration of Swedish history and endurance.

Historical Background 

The origins of Vasaloppet can be traced back to a dramatic event in 1521, when the future King Gustav Vasa fled from Danish troops. His flight eventually became the inspiration for the race, which was first held in 1922. The idea was born out of a newspaper article that called for the celebration of this national hero, and the first race attracted a brave few who braved the harsh winter conditions to reenact Vasa's flight.

Development and Changes 

From its humble beginnings, Vasaloppet has grown to become a massive annual event. As the race's popularity increased, several other races were introduced during Vasaloppet Week, including Tjejvasan and Öppet Spår, making the event accessible to a wider group of skiers, regardless of gender or skiing experience. Technical innovations and changed rules have continued to develop the race format to improve both safety and participant experience.

Cultural and Social Significance 

Vasaloppet is a deeply integrated part of Swedish culture, symbolizing national pride and community. It is also a significant driving force for winter tourism in the Dalarna region. Each year, people from all corners of the globe gather to experience this unique event, whether participating as skiers or cheering from the sidelines.

Economic Impact 

The event generates significant economic benefits for the local economy by attracting visitors and tourists, who spend money on everything from lodging to locally produced souvenirs. Partnerships with national and international sponsors also help to increase the race's global reach and media interest.

Training and Preparation 

Aspects Preparations to participate in Vasaloppet are extensive. Participants spend months training endurance and technique to handle the demanding conditions. Advice and tips from previous racers are often invaluable and a crucial part of preparations for new participants.

Memorable Moments 

Over the years, Vasaloppet has been the scene for countless memorable moments, from record-breaking performances to inspiring stories of personal triumph. The race has attracted participants from various walks of life, including famous athletes and even royalty.

Future Perspectives 

While Vasaloppet faces future challenges such as climate change and a changing digital landscape, organizers are actively working to ensure that the race continues to be relevant and engaging. The focus is on keeping the tradition alive while adapting to new technologies and changing participant needs.


Vasaloppet is more than just a ski race; it is an annual manifestation of Swedish culture, history, and community. By uniting people in the name of sports and cohesion, it continues to be a source of inspiration and pride for many. With each race, a new chapter is written in its rich history, and it promises to continue being a part of the Swedish soul for generations to come.


Sälengodset offers an exclusive and memorable experience in the heart of Sälen's enchanting landscape. Our luxurious cabins combine modern comfort with authentic charm, perfect for both winter adventures and summer experiences. With a wide range of activities and amenities, including skiing, hiking, and spa, Sälengodset is the ultimate destination for both relaxation and adventure. Discover more about our facilities and book your next stay for a unique holiday in an exclusive setting.

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