Welcome to an extraordinary training experience in the majestic Sälen environment. At Sälengodset, we have created the perfect platform for trainers and instructors to create customized training programs and yoga retreats. Here, you can let your creativity flow and shape a training journey that aligns precisely with your vision and the desires of your participants. Experience the beauty of the mountains combined with our luxurious accommodation and your own expertise in training, for a training trip that will leave a lasting impression. Be inspired by our innovative location and create training programs that become unforgettable adventures in the scenic Sälen environment.

Discover the Opportunities for Your Training Programs in Sälen 

Are you looking for the perfect place to create and lead your own training programs and yoga retreats? Sälengodset is your partner in creating memorable and results-driven training journeys in an exclusive and scenic environment.

A Unique Place for Your Training Journeys and Yoga Retreats Luxury and Nature Experience 

We proudly present two of the region's most exclusive cabins, perfect for offering your participants an extraordinary training experience. With facilities like indoor and outdoor hot tubs, saunas, and spacious areas, we create a comfort zone where training and relaxation come together in the best way.

The Sälen Environment - Your Inspiration for Training Programs and Yoga Retreats 

Deepen Your Training Programs in Sälen During the peak season, our cabins are fully booked, but during the low season, we offer unique opportunities for trainers and instructors to create customized training journeys and yoga retreats for your clients. Experience the peaceful mountain world with Sälengodset as your perfect base.

Your Customized Concept, Our Exclusive Platform

Create Your Unique Training Journey or Yoga Retreat 

We take pride in offering you an exceptional platform for your training programs. Create your individual schedule, choose your activities, and shape your training journey exactly as you desire. Our exclusive cabins provide you and your participants with the comfortable base you need to achieve your training goals.

Flexibility and Freedom 

Your Training Programs, Your Choice 

Your needs are our top priority. You determine when your training journey or yoga retreat takes place, how long it lasts, and which activities are included. We also offer business-oriented options to promote health and well-being for companies and their employees.

Safety and Well-being 

Create Experiences, We Handle Accommodation 

We understand the importance of minimizing financial risk. Therefore, we offer free bookings, and payment is made after your participants have paid you and before check-in. You can focus on delivering an amazing experience while we take care of the accommodation.

Create a Future Full of Training Memories 

Your Future with Us 

This platform is more than just a place for training journeys and yoga retreats - it's an opportunity to create unforgettable training memories and grow your business. By combining your training expertise with our luxurious environment, you can offer something truly special to your participants.

Training journeys are offered to partners from May to November.

For more information on how you can become a part of our innovative training concept, please contact us via email or the contact form. Let Sälengodset be your partner in creating training journeys and yoga retreats that deliver outstanding results and memorable experiences. It's time to take your training programs to new heights in the beautiful mountain environment of Sälen!


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